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Is Lincoln University Newspaper Overlooking Professor Kaukab Siddiqi?

Hat tip Campus Watch

Over recent years, Lincoln University in Pennsylvania has suffered one embarrassment after another over Pakistani-born professor Kaukab Siddiqi's anti-Semitic and sexist comments. Recently, university administrators have had to condemn his vicious remarks even while defending his right of free speech. Among other ideas exposed by this character, he has denied the Holocaust, insulted Jews as people, and made light of rape by implying that Western women are whores and sluts. That includes a defense of Bill Cosby.

Apparently, there is one campus institution that has overlooked Siddique's offensive comments especially as they pertain to women. That would be Lincoln's online campus newspaper, The Lincolnian. Not exactly an active newspaper, I have nonetheless been unable to find any recent comments on The Lincolnian as to Siddique's rants. That is especially interesting since the paper did report on student demonstrations against ex-school president Robert Jennings last November when he was forced to resign after insensitive comments over complaints of three co-eds of sexual assault.

"LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, Pa.—On Saturday, Nov. 15, Lincoln University students held a silent protest outside of the university’s Board of Trustees Meeting held in the University’s International Cultural Center.
Over 50 students gathered early Saturday morning outside of the trustees meeting, after the meeting room reached capacity, with posters stating “Our Voice Doesn’t Matter,” using the hashtag #UnSilenceOurVoice, in retaliation to the recent headlines circulating of the university’s president, Robert R. Jennings, and the recent faculty Vote of No-Confidence in Jennings.
During the opening statements of the meeting, the board released a statement of support, stating that it collectively agreed to remain in support of Jennings, and had applauded him for his accomplishments in bringing the university to its current state. The board also reassured they would continue to review the university’s current state and its current president in a thorough investigation.
Thembisile Gxuluwe, a sophomore of the university, along with other students stated that Jennings, in fact, was not the university’s major problem.
“These issues [some are wanting to address] are long awaited issues; these issues were here long before Jennings got here,” said Gxuluwe. “Getting Jennings out won’t simply fix these issues. So us protesting isn’t us trying to slander him or make him leave because we can’t afford that. It’s to let our voices be heard.
While some students attended Saturday’s meeting in all black with their mouths covered in tape, other students chose to speak up and refute the actions of their peers.
“I feel like a lot of people are distracted,” stated Shaheem Sabor, a junior at The Lincoln University and President of the university activist group, Black Men in America. “I feel like a lot of people are set by trends, taping their mouths, wearing all black, and that’s all cool but we’ve got to start taking actions [as studeSignsnts].”
The Mighty Lion Chapter of Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, Inc. Chapter President, Eloheem Ali, a senior, argued that the real problem students were facing wasn’t their unheard voices, but the lack of communication between each other.
“It’s real easy for a bunch of people to follow a leader of whoever to demonstrate their ‘voicelessness’,” stated Ali. “The real problem is unity between the students and communication between the students because at the end of the day….we have the most control in this situation and have the power to [solve our issues].”
Saturday’s student protest comes after a previous town hall meeting, held by the university’s Student Government Association last Wednesday, where students agreed to vote on a Vote of Confidence in the university.
“A voting ballot will be sent to the students, via their Lincoln email, addressing whether or not they have faith in the direction this university is going,” Student Government Association Executive Secretary, Olutoyin Olowookere said. “It’s important that the student voice is heard.”
However, some students believe that there is an uncertainty in what the desire of the student body may be.
“I don’t think anybody knows what they want; everybody’s just feeling all this confusion and anger,” argued Tiana Spencer, a sophomore. “Half of the people don’t even want to speak; they don’t even know what they’re here for…but they want change. “
Shamsiddin Lother, a senior, stressed the importance of students understanding the urgency of fighting for the direction of the university, instead of fighting to fire Jennings.
“It’s bigger than just the president and we must let our voice be heard, but let our actions speak louder than our words,” stated Lother. “This is a legacy, this is [our] life. It’s about the university; it’s about the direction of the university. We’re in an identity crisis. It’s important that we are known and that we allow ourselves to be outspoken.”students
The Student Government Association is set to release a statement on behalf of the students by the end of this week."

The Case Grows Against Planned Parenthood

The Center for Medical Progress has just released a third undercover video showing how Planned Parenthood sells fetal body parts for profit, which is against the law.

Here is the latest video (viewer warning: graphic images).

I'll be interested to see the latest Planned Parenthood denial.

Clinton True to Form: Declines to Comment on Keystone Pipeline

"No comment, but vote for me anyway."

Hillary Clinton continues to act as if all she has to do is throw her hat in the ring and she will be the next president. She won't answer questions about the Clinton Foundation's suspect finances, and she makes dubious generalities about her emails. The latest was that she never sent any emails that were classified "at the time". This is a woman who wants us to believe that in all her years as secretary of state, she never engaged in any communication of a classified nature. In addition, now she demurs when asked about her position on the Keystone Pipeline.

This reminds me of that incident at UCLA a couple of years back when I asked then-Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano why she wasn't pounding on Eric Holder's desk demanding to know why two of her agents were dead as a result of weapons involved in Operation Fast and Furious. Her answer was that she preferred to let the investigation play out while castigating me for rolling my eyes.

The arrogance of people like Clinton defies description. Her performance as senator was devoid of achievement. Her performance as secretary of state was likewise devoid of achievement and marked by failures with Russia and the Middle East, and capping it all off like a giant turd blossom was Benghazi, which should have disqualified her from any further government job.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Insanity Reigns Supreme at University of California (Which Has 6 Genders)

Hat tip The College Fix

 “male; female; trans male/trans man; trans female/trans woman; gender queer/gender non-conforming; and different identity.”

You can't make this stuff up.

I'm sorry. In the past few years, I have become much more sensitive and sympathetic to gay issues. The libertarian side of me says if you want to change your gender, go right ahead. I just wish people like (You-Know-Who) Jenner would do it privately and disappear. It's all part of that Kardashian legacy you know. It will never go away.

But this latest from the University of California is just too much. (Full disclosure: I am a part-time teacher at UC Irvine Ext.) All my life, I have believed there were only two genders. Now there are six.

Another year or two there will be ten or twelve genders at UC. This is Janet Napolitano's University of California.

Indoctrination U: Anti-Israel Bully Professors

"At Northeastern University, professor Muhammad Shahid Alam demonizes Israel, delegitimizes Jewish history, and infringes on his students’ free speech by shutting down any differing views. A non-Jewish student that dropped his class stated that, “if someone does raise a counterpoint, he uses semantics to twist it around and try to tear whoever asked the question apart.”

There are few academic fields that have been corrupted more than Middle East studies. Many of the Middle East studies departments in universities around the country are funded by money from Saudi Arabia,.They are staffed mostly if not entirely by biased, agenda-driven professors who preach a steady stream of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, anti-West, post-colonial dogma. In the below piece in Algemeiner, Cinnamon Stillwell of Campus Watch describes what Jewish and pro-Israel students are confronted with in the classroom.

It is bad enough that our campuses are crawling with groups like Students for Justice in Palestine and various Muslim Student Association chapters, who agitate against Israel. It is bad enough that Jewish students who support Israel find themselves being bullied on campus. It is even worse when they have to put up with it from radical professors in the classroom-professors who use their positions as bully-pulpits to push their view of the world. One wonders how the Saree Makdisis and Hatem Bazians of the world have time to teach their courses they spend so much time speaking at events attacking Israel.

And it's not just Middle East studies. At Cal State University at Northridge, they have a math professor (David Klein) who uses the school's web server to spread his anti-Israel venom. To make matters worse, CSUN and the CSU chancellor defend this practice even though it clearly puts their imprimatur on the bashing of Israel. They ignore any and all complaints. I could go on and on. It is impossible for me or Ms Stillwell to include every professor who fits into this category. In the humanities and social sciences, they make up the majority.

If such a one-sided view is what dominates in academia, perhaps, the universities might consider closing Middle East studies.

Bobby Jindal Speaks Out on Radical Islam

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Of all the contenders for the Republican nomination, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal comes closest to addressing the Islamic problem. Below is what he wrote for Conservative Review.

As I said, Jindal comes closest in his description of the problem. He mentions keeping Muslims who don't value our freedoms and law from immigrating. That is good. He demands that Muslims do more to confront the problem. That is good.

Where I might disagree is in his insistence in using the term "Radical Islam". I have used it myself, and in a sense, we are all groping for the right term. I have come to the conclusion, however, that fundamentalist Islam is probably the most accurate, which literally means that radical is not the right term. The true Islam, in my view is that being practiced by the jihadists, who are following the example of Mohammad in his Medina period. At that point in time up to his death, he was spreading Islam at the point of a sword.

Why should we have to roll the dice and try to sort out the decent Muslims from the murders and haters of non-Muslims?

I am still in the process of deciding which of the Republican candidates looks the best to me, which also includes who is most capable of beating Hillary Clinton. Right now, I am taking a closer look at Bobby Jindal.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

King County's Free Speech Dilemma

Hat tip The Mike Report

I would call this, "creeping Anti-Semitism". Slowly but surely, we are seeing Jew-hatred become mainstream and accepted in our discourse. In the US, we see it on our campuses in the name of "Justice for Palestinians'. Now it has even crept into local government issued voter ballot guides.

Now comes a man named David Blomstrom, who is running for a school position in King County, Washington (which includes Seattle). He makes an anti-Jewish screed in his "statement" on the ballot guide list of candidates. The county hacks actually publish it. Now, when a Jewish citizen calls it to their attention, they are "deeply sorry".

How in the world does a kook like this get on a list of candidates for public office? And only three other people to oppose him? And how does the county government let a reference to the "Jewish Mafia" pass when it prints their pamphlet? Just who is the Jewish Mafia? Could it be a reference to Meyer Lansky, perhaps? (He is long-dead.)

But it's free speech, right?

To be sure, Mr Blomstrom will not be prosecuted for what he has written, nor should he be. But what is the obligation for King County to include this in the voter ballot guide? What if he had said that if elected, he would insure that no Jewish children would be allowed in King County public schools? What if he had said that if elected, he would advocate for the deportation of all Jewish people from King County, or Washington State, or the US?

Should, as one reader in The Mike Report commented, Blomstrom's comment be published but with a disclaimer from King County that they abhor the language and the idea expressed?

Let's play devil's advocate.

Suppose a candidate for DA in Los Angeles County promised that he would take on the Mexican Mafia? Such a thing does exist. It is a criminal organization that calls itself by that very name. Or how about the Italian Mafia in New York? I would vote that for candidate. But is it the same thing? Only if you can show that there is, indeed, such a thing as a criminal organization in the US called the Jewish Mafia. It does not exist-especially in the context that Blomstrom imagines- a cabal of people trying to influence public, national, or international policy in a criminal way.

If I were on the King County board that approved this screed and had the final say, I would have told Blomstrom to clean up his rhetoric before his candidate statement was printed. On the other hand, had he taken me to court, he probably would have won. He probably would have even prevailed over any county disclaimer abhorring his statement. I understand that.

But let us all beware the creeping anti-Semitism.

Cubs Go in the Tank (Again)

So much for the playoffs. So much for 2015. So much for 107 years without winning a world series. It's time to start sewing 108 on their uniforms.

And hopefully, Starlin Castro won't be wearing it next season.

This weekend, the Philadelphia Phillies came limping into Wrigley Field with the worst record in baseball. All season long we (Cub fans) have been waiting for the Cubs to play this team in order to pad our record.

As I write this, the Phillies are completing a three game sweep in the Friendly (for them) Confines. Not only that, but on Saturday, Cole Hamels, the ace pitcher rumored to be traded to the Cubs for Starlin Castro and Javier Baez, threw a no-hitter at them. The previous day, the Cubbies blew a 9th inning lead to lose 5-3.

Have we put to bed any illusions that they may take that 5th wildcard spot (beating out the Giants)?

Now with the trading deadline just days away I am going to put on my general manager's hat and tell the Cubs what they should do. They should tell the Phillies that they can have Castro for Cole Hamels, but not Baez-or any other prospect. If that doesn't fly, shop Castro to whomever will take him and his lackadaisical attitude. His batting average is now in the .230s, and he has reverted to the sloppy fielding we saw in the first half of last season. We can put Addison Russell at shortstop and hand second base over to Jonathan Herrera on a short term basis or bring up Arismendy Alcantara, who may be ready for his second shot.

Do not trade Javier Baez until he has had another full shot in the majors. He is now playing in the Arizona League after mending a broken finger, and should be back at Iowa in days. Hopefully, we can take another look at him in a Cub uniform in late August or September. He may be our second baseman of the future.

Kyle Schwarber should now be sent back to Iowa to work on his catching/left field skills. It is time to put priority on his development rather than having him catch 3 days and sit 2.

In short, it is time to get back to The Plan of developing all those great prospects we have. (Russell may need a return to Triple A to work on his hitting.) In no way should we trade our prospects and mortgage our future in the hopes of making it to a one-game playoff this year. This team is still developing, and rather than go after Hamels or some other 5th starter, we should try to address that need in free agency over the winter.

Of course, I know what Theo Epstein's response to me would be:

"Who is 'we'? You got a mouse in your pocket?" 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Verdicts In UK Sex Grooming Case

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Clockwise from top left: Taimorr Khan, Vikram Singh, Mohammed Imran, Asif Hussain, Arshad Jani and Akbari Khan.
Clockwise from top left: Taimorr Khan, Vikram Singh, Mohammed Imran, Asif Hussain, Arshad Jani and Akbari Khan. Credit: Thames Valley Police

The UK is suffering from an epidemic of sex grooming and forced prostitution of young British girls by groups of almost all Pakistani men. The Brits, to their shame, turned a blind eye for years in the name of political correctness. They didn't want to single out Pakistanis and Muslims as the culprits. In the town of Rotherham, the abuse went on for a decade before the police acted.

This past week, verdicts were reached in London on the trial of 11 men, six of whom were convicted, 4 acquitted and one with no verdict reached. Vlad Tepes has the report.

The above do not represent the only such grooming ring. Other cases are being reported all over the country. Young lives are being destroyed. How many were lost in the past decade or so when the police and politicians were burying their heads in the sand?

Pakistani Cab Driver in New Orleans Gets Off Light For Rape

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Here is another heartwarming example of how our immigration system has gone bad. This one involves a Pakistani cab driver, Sohail Khan, whose female passenger passes out in his cab. What to do? Why, rape her, of course. That's his right, isn't it? And he's only getting five years in prison so the victim won't have to come back to Louisiana to testify???

I guess the reason this puke can't be deported back to Lahore is because he is now a citizen.

"Ah wunnerful, ah wunnerful, ah."

By the way:  How come all these bad apples out of Pakistan seem to come from Lahore? It must be  a real pit.

OK. Let's get serious here. You ask, "Fousesquawk. Why do you have to point out that this rapist was from Pakistan or even an immigrant? Couldn't an American cab driver have done the same?"

Yes, but it underlines the point that something that has been so great for America (immigration) has gone wrong in a hurry. That is not to say that most immigrants in the US are undesirable. Most are good folks and contributing. However, there are far too many who we never should have let in this country-like Sohail Khan. This is a failure of our State Department consular officers, immigration authorities, and ultimately, the officials and politicians who set their policies. We the People are the losers because the above people don't care about us. They don't care about the uillegal alien criminals who are pouring across our border along with the poor folks just looking for work to survive.

The result is that we will continue to have more Kate Steinles and the young woman who was raped in New Orleans.

The US Continues to Turn a Blind Eye to Persecution of Christians by Muslims (and Every Other Threat)

Hat tip Gatestone Institute and Inquisitr

"The U.S. insists that Muslims are the primary victims of Boko Haram... The question remains -- why is the U.S. downplaying or denying the attacks against Christians?" — Emmanuel Ogebe, Nigerian human rights lawyer, Washington D.C"

As Islamic persecution of Christians continues to rage world-wide, our clueless administration continues to ignore it. Our State Department tries to keep Christians from even visiting the US to testify about what is happening. In the below piece for the Gatestone Institute, Raymond Ibrahim describes how our State Department is hostile to Christian concerns for fear of offending the Islamic world.

"Sister Diana, an influential Iraqi Christian leader, who was scheduled to visit the U.S. to advocate for persecuted Christians in the Mideast, was denied a visa by the U.S. State Department even though she had visited the U.S. before, most recently in 2012."

Meanwhile, the administration is in the process of relocating some 65,000 Syrians to the US. And we just cross-posted that story about a DHS bus full of Somalis being taken from the Mexican border to a detention center.

And speaking of Jeh Johnson, the empty suit head of DHS, this is the guy who just recently was asked by a Congressional Committee if anyone in the administration had reached out to the Steinle family, to which he said, "To who?" He had no idea who the young lady (Kate Steinle) was or at least he didn't know the name of the victim of the murder  in San Francisco at the hands of an illegal alien career criminal who should not have been on the streets to begin with. It was the biggest DHS-related issue on that day, and he didn't even know the name of the victim. After it was explained to him, he said that he didn't know if the family had been contacted. (They hadn't.)

But it gets worse with this boob. This week, he was captured on video explaining why DHS and the administration are not supposed to use the term Islamic terror when talking about ISIS or all the other Islamic terror groups.

It is because (according to Johnson) we need to reach out to the Muslim community and assure them that all this has nothing to do with Islam (hat tip Inquisitr).

“I think it’s critical that in order to build our relationships and build our level of cooperation with the Islamic communities here, we have to say to them ‘Look, we understand that what this depraved terrorist organization is doing is no part of your religion.'”


If I may ask Mr Johnson a rather convoluted question: If all this terror emanating from ISIS, al Qaeda, al Shabaab, Hamas, Hezbollah, and all the others has nothing to do with Islam, what trust or cooperation is needed? Why do you need to reach out to the Muslim community? 

Image result for jeh johnson
"To who?"

This boob, like his predecessor, Janet Napolitano, is clearly not up to the job. We are already paying the cost in American lives from Boston to Chattanooga to the US-Mexican border. And make no mistake: There are more to come.

The Sandra Bland Case in Texas

On July 10, Sandra Bland was arrested during a traffic stop in Waller County, Texas. Three days later, she was found hanging in her jail cell. The initial police report indicated suicide and that she had hanged herself using a plastic liner from a trash can.

The arrest was captured on camera. Jail cameras also recorded the activity in the police station outside of her cell.

Since Bland was African-American and the arresting officer was white, this case has now taken on the character of previous cases involving Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Freddy Gray. Tow things have been called into question: The initial arrest and the circumstances of Bland's death.

Not surprisingly, Al Sharpton is running with this case on his Politics Nation show calling into question whether Bland's death was really a suicide. On July 23, Hillary Clinton spoke in front of a predominantly black audience in South Carolina and referred to Bland as another example of why black lives matter using the popular expression of the day.

Trooper Brian Encinia's dashcam video of the arrest of Sandra Bland.

The below video from another camera has additional footage of Bland being subdued on the side of the road.

The same day as Ms. Clinton was invoking the death of Bland, the coroner's autopsy report ruled Bland's strangulation ligatures consistent with a suicide.

This investigation is still on-going, but at this point, it does appear to be a suicide. If Bland was the victim of foul play, an entire police station would have to have been complicit. That defies reason.

As far as the arrest itself is concerned, while I think the officer could have better de-escalated the situation, it shows once again why it is better to follow the commands and complain later. Bland was argumentative and non-compliant. The result is a tragedy.

In the meantime, it would behoove Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton and others to reserve judgment.