Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dutch Orchestra Walks Out on Muslim Conductor

Hat tip Miggie

This video has just been posted. I don't know the exact date. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands attends a concert in which the conductor is a Muslim. At the start, the conductor starts to give the queen a lecture on Islam. At this point, the orchestra gets up and walks out. The conductor is then escorted off the stage apparently by security personnel who check his papers and remove him.

This is classic.

UCLA Jewish Student Appointed to UC Regents Despite SJP Opposition

Students protest
A picture says a thousand words

This month, a Jewish UCLA student's appointment to the University of California Regents as student representative was confirmed despite loud opposition from the Students for Justice in Palestine.

Abraham Oved drew opposition because he is a Jewish supporter of Israel. The stated reason for opposition was because he had loose connections with a rich Jewish supporter of Israel named Adam Milstein, who contributed money to Hillel, which, in turn, contributed to Oved's campaign to join the UC Regents.

Also joining in the opposition was the previous student regent appointee, Sadia Saifuddin, whose own nomination drew opposition because she was a supporter of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement against Israel. Saifuddin apparently did not recognize the hypocrisy in her position.

During the past year, UCLA has been the center of an ugly campaign (primarily by SJP)  to keep Jewish students off of student government. candidates for student office were asked to sign a pledge that they would not accept funding for travel to Israel by certain pro-Israel organizations. That drew a rebuke from Chancellor Gene Block and UC President Janet Napolitano. Even the Los Angeles City Council has taken note of the ugliness going on in Westwood.

No doubt the anti-Jewish, anti-Israel agitation by SJP and its allies at UCLA will continue. It bears close watching.

Imam in Jerusalem Calls for Jihad Against Jews

Hat tip Jihad Watch and MEMRI

This is good stuff.

Here is a clip produced by MEMRI of a sermon by some fanatical imam named Sheikh Nidhal Siam in E Jerusalem on July 18. It is truly ludicrous. In this sermon, this ibn sharmota refers to a "British study" (probably by Monte Python's Flying Circus) that says that the Egyptian army could crush Israel in a matter of days. He calls on Egypt to annex Gaza.

Well, first of all, Egypt and all those glorious Arab armies have tried to defeat Israel in 1948, 1967 and 1973. They have failed. Secondly, Egypt under its current leadership has no desire to go to war with Israel nor to annex Gaza. Who the hell would want it? Maybe word has not reached the sheikh, but Egypt is blockading the southern border between Gaza and Egypt too.

So to Sheikh Siam, I say, "Take your fatwas and shove them".

"Annex this."

Black Plague in the Hague

Hat tip Algemeiner

Masked demonstrators rally in the Hague to support ISIS, but call for the death of Jews. Photo: SWC.

                                                                                                     The black plague returns to Europe

Another day in Europe and another despicable public display of Jew hatred with no response from the authorities. This sickening report comes to us from the Hague.

One distinction that is important to note here is that supporters of Israel are not calling for the murder of Palestinian people. Yet murder is what is being promoted by the supporters of Hamas (a terror group). These people are calling for the deaths of Jews while carrying a terrorist banner through the streets of European cities. As we speak, fanatical Muslim clerics in mosques not only in the Middle East, but in some cases the West are screaming for the murder of Jews and issuing fatwas calling on their flocks to go out and kill people.

And note how so many of this rabble wear scarves over their faces. Pro-Israel supporters don't do that. We are proud of which side we support.

Just another reminder from Stop the Islamization of America:


Anti-Jewish, Pro-Terrorist Graffiti Continues in Miami

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

In the wake of an ugly CAIR-sponsored rally in Miami days ago, the city has been hit with anti-Semitic graffiti for the second day in a row.

So where is Eric Holder's Justice Department if they are so concerned about hate crimes? Or is it just for certain kinds of hate crimes?

If any of the perps are determined not to be US citizens, they should be kicked out of the country.

Anti-Jewish Attacks Continue in France

Hat tip Times of Israel

A man was arrested by French police in Toulouse as he threw firebombs at a Jewish community center.

The article mentions that police were guarding the facility (as God knows they should have been). Though the name of the perp was not released (naturally) I would bet the farm it isn't Pierre.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Nancy Pelosi "Weighs in" on the Gaza Fighting

Hat tip Blazing Cat Fur

"And we have to confer with the Qataris, who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization..."

Yes, Nancy. We must confer with Qatar, a state that supports terrorist organizations like Hamas.

Why don't we confer with Iran and North Korea while we are at it?

Offense Alert From Scotland: Scottie Dogs Are Offensive to Muslims All Over the World

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs and the Telegraph


The world famous and long-awaited  Commonwealth Games have opened in Glasgow, Scotland and during the opening ceremony, a flap ensued. It seems the Scots employed about 40 Scottie dogs to participate in leading the national team delegations around the stadium. That offended Malaysia. The Telegraph has the story, which has also been picked up by Atlas Shrugs.

"It is shameful and has offended not only Malaysia as a Muslim country, but Muslims around the world."

Yes, of course. I hear violence has already broken out in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Gaza. 

My reaction? This did not happen in Malaysia. It happened in Scotland. In this case, the Malaysians can recall their team. It seems they have better things to do anyway, like helping to do something about poor Malaysia Airlines.

Another Ghastly Atrocity by ISIS in Syria

Viewer warning: Graphic images

Hat tip IBN News and Live Leak

The ISIS rebels in Syria killed approximately 50 Syrian soldiers in the city of Raqqa. The soldiers who were not initially killed in the attack were beheaded and their heads placed on display on a wall on sticks.

I am not posting these images for the sake of sensationalism. I am posting them so that you may see for yourself the nature of what the world is facing if we surrender to this evil.

Israel and Washington Clash Over John Kerry "the Diplomat"

Officially, Washington and Jerusalem will try to put a happy face on it, but John Kerry has clearly worn out his welcome in Israel with his incessant demands for an immediate cease-fire that doesn't even halt the rocket attacks and tunnel incursions from Hamas. Kerry's cease fire would merely save Hamas' bacon so they could regroup and live to fight another day. Thus, Kerry looks good, gets a Nobel Peace Prize, and Israel faces the same dangers as before.

"It's simply not the way partners and allies treat each other," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said."

True enough, Jen, but I would turn that statement around back at Kerry.

What demands has Kerry made upon Hamas? Why did Kerry go to Paris to negotiate a cease-fire with everybody but Israel including Qatar and Turkey hardly countries sympathetic to Israel? Talk about a slap in the face.

The Video Hamas Doesn't Want the World to See

But the Germans Have Seen it.

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism and The Minority Report

Here is one reason the Palestinian death toll is so high. When the IDF notify civilians to evacuate locations where they are living or gathered, the thugs of Hamas are there to beat them back. That is because Hamas is placing their fighters and their weapons where the civilians are. It is also true that Hamas wants dead civilians to show off to the world. It has been repeatedly charged that when civilians try to heed the Israeli warnings, they are violently prevented from doing so by Hamas. The below video taken by a German news crew, proves it. In the below scenes you see people being beaten as they come out onto the streets. You see the thugs try to stop a German film crew from filming. The German sub-titles translate the man who says "Turn the camera off. Enough film" There is also a translation when a woman tells the Hamas thugs that they are "worse than the Jews". In one scene, people are ordered off the street with their prayer rugs and back into an empty mosque. In another a man tells an interviewer that he is 90% certain it will not be necessary to beat the people as they had to the previous Friday.

France Offers Asylum to Iraqi Christians

More good news out of France today that the US and the other Western countries should emulate. The French are offerring asylum to Iraqi Christians who have been uprooted and driven from their hoimes by ISIS.

President Obama should add the US to France.