Sunday, April 26, 2015

British English:BME, Non Binary

And I think I am an English teacher. It's hard enough keeping up with the New English on American college campuses. Now get a load of the New British English spoken on British campuses. In this report from The College Fix, we hear about a campus meeting to protest racism. However, only BMEs are invited plus non binary types, whatever that is.

Guess I need a new dictionary.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Another Somali Success Story Out of Minnesota

Hat tip Jihad Watch

In the wake of the recent arrests of 6 Somalis on their way to join ISIS, another Somali man has been arrested after he tweeted threats to kill the US Attorney General (whoever that is) unless the 6 were released.

Of course, none of this would have ever happened in the first place had our government not brought in some 80,000 of these yardbirds back in the 1990s. And they are still coming.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Pinkwashing, ISIS Style

Yesterday at UC Irvine, one of  the pro-Palestinian protesters I described disrupting a pro-Israel fest was carrying a poster that read something about "queers condemn Israel for pinkwashing". That really made me laugh.

Meanwhile in Syria, ISIS was putting on its own show of pinkwashing as they stoned two gays to death. (Warning: Graphic images)

It's all so unfair, isn't it? Israel is taking unfair advantage of its tolerance for gays while they are all subject to the death penalty in the rest of the Arab world. It's unfair PR.

Isn't that the whole point of the pinkwashing campaign? Kinda shows you the logic of the pro-Palestinian side.

Jerusalem Post Article on Zaytuna College

Hat tip Campus Watch

Earl Cox has an article in the Jerusalem Post on Zaytuna College, the first accredited Muslim college in America. Highlighted in the article is our old friend, Hatem Bazian.

Re: Hatem Bazian: Earl, if you only knew.

As we speak, Bazian is putting on his 6th annual conference on Islamophobia at UC Berkeley. Never mind that Christians are fleeing for their lives in Iraq and Syria. never mind the recent beheadings of Christians in Libya. Never mind the constant harassing of Jews in Europe by young male Muslim men. Never mind the persecution of Christians, Baha'i and gays in Iran. Never mind the never-ending and bloody war between Sunni and Shia.

Islamophobia is the problem.

This guy Bazian is a complete joke. When he is not lamenting Islamophobia, he is lamenting the existence of that Jewish entity called Israel. He is what we call a two-trick pony.

But here is the good news. Having sat through his (power point) presentations before, I am sure his audience is probably asleep by now.

Geller Speech at Brooklyn College: Girl Says, "Thank God (for ISIS)"

Hat tip David Wood

I have just received some clips from David Wood showing Pam Geller's speech at Brooklyn College This week. In one, when she mentioned the beginning of ISIS, one girl in the audience said, Thank God".

Here is the event in its entirety. (Hat tip Jihad Watch and Chris). As you will see, it was quite raucous.

Here is a scene after the event (Hat tip David Wood.)

"American Sniper" Shut Down at University of Maryland

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Add the University of Maryland to the list of universities caving into to pressure from Muslim students not to show "American Sniper".

Hillary Clinton: Somebody Needs to Investigate

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising. It was written three says ago. Hell, it's already old news in light of the latest allegations.

Hillary Clinton was running around New Hampshire last week and refusing to answer questions about the allegations contained in Peter Schweizer's new book, Clinton Cash.

If the allegations are true, Hillary Clinton used her office as secretary of state to enrich herself and her husband at the expense of the foreign policy of the United States.It involves not only individuals and companies, but nations who paid millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and received favorable decisions from the State Department in return, in some cases reversing previous policy. These are serious charges and if true constitute bribery. They would make the charges against indicted New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez look minor in comparison.

The question is-who will investigate and, if appropriate, prosecute? Up to now, wrong-doing by people in the Obama administration has been, in effect, the perfect crime because nobody will prosecute. We have a corrupt attorney general, Eric Holder, running the Justice Department (from which I am retired). Loretta Lynch, the current nominee for the post and the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, will likely soon be hit with this decision if and when she is confirmed. (She was confirmed yesterday.) One can hope that she will bring more honesty and professionalism to her post given her present position.

Already, the Clinton machine and liberal outlets like Media Matters and MSNBC are busy attacking Schweizer as a Republican hack who cannot be believed. Perhaps, but we have to judge the information in the book on its merits. Schweizer reportedly has done a pretty good of following the money trail, the donations to the Clinton Foundation, the higher speaking fees to Bill Clinton, and the State Department decisions that rewarded the donating parties.

Unless these allegations made in Schweizer's book are wild and unsubstantiated, the Justice Department has no excuse for not investigating them or turning it over to a special prosecutor. I still trust the agents in the FBI to do their duty-if the Justice Department will let them.

They Wanted to Attack the Vatican

The latest from Italy.

Of course, it had nothing to do with Islam.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hillary and Bill Scandal Takes Another Turn

How Did the Russians Get Our Uranium?

Image result for julius and ethel rosenberg                       
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg 

Image result for bill and hillary clinton
Bill and Hillary Clinton

The Clinton scandal of selling our government policies for contributions to the Clinton Foundation and huge speaking fees for Bill has just gotten even more serious.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed off on this along with Eric Holder and 5 other cabinet secretaries. And $31 million paid by this Canadian businessman to the Clinton Foundation with a  promise of $100 million more to come?

Corruption, influence peddling, selling off our national security, you name it. Bill and Hillary Clinton have got to be the two biggest crooks to ever come down the pike.


Pro-Palestinians Mar I-Fest at UC Irvine

Today, Anteaters for Israel (AFI) held their annual I-Fest event at UC Irvine. It was a simple collection of tables with information about Israel and free food. The previous evening, AFI held a dignified tribute and candle vigil for the IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians killed by terrorists over the years.

Things were going along very nicely until 12 noon when pro-Palestinian protesters came marching out of the Cross Cultural Center (more about that later) located directly behind the I-Fest tables. They proceeded to march to a spot a few yards away from the AFI tables where they spread out across Ring Road, forcing other students to have to walk around their lines. They then began chanting their usual stupid slogans about Palestine. They continued for over two hours drowning out the AFI music and distracting all the attention away from the I-Fest proceedings. Several Jewish community members began waving their American and Israeli flags. (The pro-Palestinian crowd only had Palestinian flags.) At one point, some Jewish folks began doing their traditional dances in response to the protesters.

The campus police were present as was the dean of students. Later the vice chancellor of student affairs showed up. When they were finished with their protest, which outlasted the remainder of the I-Fest, the  protesters straggled  back to the Cross Cultural Center (their "safe space"). They had disrupted and marred what had been for the first hour a pleasant, quiet and civilized event.

But not all of my criticism is directed at the pro-Palestinian protesters.

First of all, AFI put on this production without any financial support from Hillel or the Jewish Federation of Orange County. That didn't stop the heads of those two useless organizations, (Lisa Armony and Shalom Elcott respectively) from showing up for whatever reason is lost on me. But it got worse.

Shame on Armony for trying to direct members of the community holding Israeli and US flags to move back as they were facing the protesters. (Yeah, I saw that, Lisa.)

But worse yet, shame on Elcott for berating the head of AFI, a tiny little female student, who was left shaken after Elcott got in her face and blamed her for everything going wrong.

And shame on the Cross Cultural Center. This is the second year that the anti-I-Fest protesters have staged in the CCC and marched out to disrupt this event. In fact, for years the Muslim Student Union has used the CCC as their staging area. As far as I am concerned, the CCC has put its imprimatur on disrupting Jewish events at UCI. It is disgraceful and the administration must be held responsible for letting it occur.

And shame on whoever that Jewish woman was who said that the people holding US and Israeli flags should put them away because they were inflaming the other side.

It was not a pleasant day, but I do think it gave another black eye to the pro-Palestinian crowd. That is a good thing.

Here are the videos I took. The third video begins with the protesters coming out of the Cross Cultural Center. I had to leave to teach a class before the end of the event.

Consider This!

Hat tip Legal Insurrection

Here is something for the jurors deciding Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's fate to consider. It is a jailhouse camera showing him 3 months after the Boston Marathon attack. Pacing his cell, Tsarnaev gives the finger to the security camera and puckers up a  kiss.

The jurors have indeed seen the tape. This punk has no remorse.

Is Adam Gadahn Finally Dead?

Today, President Obama announced that two hostages of Al Qaeda, an American and an Italian, had been killed in January in a strike against Al Qaeda in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area. Also killed were two Americans who were fighting with Al Qaeda, Ahmed Farouk and Adam Gadahn.

While I grieve for the loss of the two hostages, the deaths of Farouk and Gadahn is good news, indeed. In particular, we will not miss the whiny smarmy lectures of Gadahn that he had sent out during his years hiding from the US. Indeed. we had not heard the "communiques" from this creep for quite some time. May he and Farouk burn in Hell.