Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lois Lerner Saga: IRS and DOJ Violated the Law

Hat tip to Squid

Judicial Watch has obtained more documents that show that Lois Lerner, her agency (IRS) and DOJ were working to go after conservative political groups criminally. More specifically, the IRS gave tax-payer income tax returns to the FBI-in violation of the law.

As I have said before, when I was a DEA agent, I often had occasion to work with IRS's Criminal Investigation Division as they often investigated drug traffickers and their illicit cash transactions/proceeds. However, it was illegal for them to provide me with income tax returns for suspects.

Indictments should follow in this mess. Unfortunately, who is going to indict and prosecute? DOJ?

Hussam Ayloush Dissembles for BBC

Hat tip Steve

Hussam Ayloush is the Southern California head of CAIR. In this clip, he is interviewed about ISIS by a BBC TV moderator. I note that he is still sticking to the line I heard him utter January 9, 2015 when he stated that (according to US Govt statistics) only a dozen or so American Muslims had gone to join ISIS. He compared that with the "1,000s of American Jewish men who had joined the Israeli Defense Forces-killing the people of Gaza".

I would venture that the dozen or so number has climbed a lot since he made that statement. And don't forget the numbers arrested by the FBI in the US who were about to leave or who were supplying aid to ISIS.

What a dissembler this guy is.

Islamic Shura Council Statement on Gay Marriage and Homosexuality

Hat tip Steve

In the below link, the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California issues its statement on same-sex marriage and homosexuality in the wake of the Supreme Court decision in favor of gay marriage. Imam Muzammil Siddiqi is the head of the Shura Council and head imam at the Islamic Center of Orange County. I think it speaks for itself though there is one glaring omission.

The glaring omission is that under sharia law (hudud), the punishment for homosexual acts is death.

Another Questionable Cherokee Indian in Academia

Hat tip Daily Caller


Elizabeth Warren aka Little White Dove (note the high cheek bones)

Andrea Smith [University of California at Riverside]
Andrea Smith

Move over, Elizabeth Warren! It seems we have another person in academia who is claiming to be a Cherokee Indian, albeit without any real proof. That would be Andrea Smith, a professor of Cultural Studies at the University of California at Riverside. The Daily Caller has the story.

This, of course, reminds us of now-US Senator Elizabeth Warren at Harvard University. She claimed to be 1/32 Cherokee Indian and Harvard's web pages made a big deal of that claim to tout their diversity. Of course, Warren has been unable to prove her claim. It seems Smith is having similar difficulties.

When I read this story, I wondered if I had encountered Smith's name before at nearby UC Riverside, and after a quick check, I found I had indeed. Smith, who is a proud graduate of UC Santa Cruz (America's Wackiest University) History of Consciousness Department, is another-you guessed it-anti-Israel activist. (The History of Consciousness Department-whatever that is- is the bailiwick of Angela Davis.

At any rate, Smith was one of the UCR co-sponsors in bringing the notorious Boycott, Divest and Sanctions co-founder Omar Barghouti to speak at UCR in January 2014. I was present at that propaganda-fest masquerading as education. I videotaped it and asked the sponsors when they were going to bring in a pro-Israel speaker to provide proper balance to their students as opposed to the indoctrination offered up by Omar Barghouti. That brought an indignant response from chief sponsor and anti-Israel activist David Lloyd, who termed the question "preposterous".  Here you can read my posting on that event, and here you can watch the video. (Maybe you can catch a glimpse of Smith in the audience. I didn't notice any Cherokees in attendance, to be honest.) In this posting, you can read a letter to UCR from the AMCHA Initiative complaining about the one-sidedness of the event and which contains Smith's name in the list of sponsors.

By the way, like Smith, Barghouti also has a murky background. He was reportedly born in Qatar and raised in Egypt. At some point, he found himself in the West Bank and got his university education at Tel Aviv University all the while being an international activist against Israel, which caused considerable controversy over there. As you can see in the above links, I attempted to bring out his hypocrisy in an earlier appearance at UC Irvine, but he doesn't like to talk about where he came from-for obvious reasons. He merely insists he is Palestinian.

At least he doesn't claim to be a Cherokee.

Deadline in Vienna-No Wait! Another Extension

The safest prediction has again become reality. John Kerry has agreed to yet another extension in his talks with the Iranians in Vienna. Thus, Kerry has another three days (at least) to stuff his face with wiener schnitzel.

My inside sources tell me that Kerry has agreed to Iranian demands to drop Secretary of Energy Ernist Moniz and Lady Catherine Ashton from his negotiating team because the Iranians couldn't stand looking at them for one more day.

Image result for catherine ashtonImage result for us secretary of energy               

Need I say more?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Clinton E-Mail Lies Keep Being Exposed-Does Anyone Care?

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

As Hillary Clinton blithely runs around New Hampshire, her aides running along with rope lines to keep away inquiring reporters, her e-mail controversy just continues to unwind. Matthew Vadum in Frontpage Magazine has a great update on the lies being exposed

Imagine this scenario: You have a secretary of state who for her entire tenure, never used the government e-mail server instead setting up her own server out of her own home. In addition, she claims she never sent any messages (on her private server) of a classified nature. It seems that we had a secretary of state who never sent or received anything that would be classified Confidential, Secret or Top Secret. What did she do all those years except fly around the world?

And then there is David Axelrod, who told the Morning Joe show on MSNBC that he never knew about Hillary's private server. Except he did, which was quickly revealed. Then he said that what he really meant was he didn't know she was using it exclusively.

Drip, drip, drip.

The question is whether enough people in this country care. It is clear to anyone with half a brain that this woman is dishonest to the core and was involved in skulduggery in Libya that led to the deaths of four Americans. There are e-mails that she is trying to hide, which would prove her incompetence and malfeasance as secretary of state in the Libyan fiasco. Hillary Clinton was not fit to be secretary of state. How can she be fit for the presidency?

Steven Salaita Winds up in Lebanon

Hat tip Campus Watch and Arutz Sheva

Good riddance

Move over Norman Finkelstein. Steven Salaita, the discredited professor who was offered a job to teach at the University of Illinois (an offer that was rescinded), has now given up the ghost and accepted a job at the American University of Lebanon.

Salaita may have become the darling of the academic left and anti-Israel crowd, but he became a joke as he launched a lawsuit against the University of Illinois. The university stood firm having learned of Salaita's disturbing messages on social media in the wake of the kidnapping of three Israeli teens who were later found murdered. Salaita expressed a wish that all settlers would go missing. (The teens lived in one of those Israeli settlements that everybody complains about. When the settlers are occasionally murdered, the academic left sheds no tears.)

So now Salaita has followed in the footsteps of another academic joke, Finkelstein, who finally took a position teaching in Turkey since no American university would hire him after being sacked at DePaul. He was reduced to appearing as a side show attraction speaking at various universities trashing Israel on behalf of the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine. Since he had no position, he was advertised as an "Independent Scholar with a PhD from Princeton". I suspect he got tired of being mocked and shown up for the fool he is when he spoke at places like UC Irvine.  Possibly, Salaita and Finkelstein will run into each other in some event in the region-if they can find a place safe enough to speak.

In closing, I sincerely hope nobody will kidnap Salaita as often happens to Westerners in Beirut. If, God forbid, it happens, I would never follow his example and wish that all his ilk would go missing.

We don't talk like that in civilized society.

Protesting the Dalai Lama at UC Irvine

You can't make this up.

For some unexplained reason, the Dalai Lama is celebrating his 80th birthday in Orange County. Yesterday, he was at the Honda Center in Anaheim, and today, lo and behold, he was at UC Irvine, where yours truly was teaching a class just across the bridge.

So after class, I wandered over to the Bren Center on campus and to my utter amazement, there was a protest going on outside while His Holiness was inside talking about love, peace, Mom, and apple pie. I managed to take a couple of pictures and some video with my handy 20th century cell phone. Hopefully, I can get the video onto the blog.

It seems there is a sect of Tibetan Buddhism called the Dorje Shugden, who worship a deity that the Dalai Lama has renounced. I won't go into details, but there were a couple of hundred protesters outside waving banners that said, "Stop supporting the Dalai Lama". Meanwhile, some people were beating drums, and across the street four guys with bullhorns were chanting, "False Dalai Lama. Stop Lying". Many of the folks appeared to be Tibetans while others were Caucasians dressed in Buddhist robes.

I thought everybody loved the Dalai Lama.

Hillary E-mails

"Guess I'd better pass this on to the boys at Foggy Bottom."



cc: Undisclosed recipients

Dear All,

My source tells me it's time to bomb Ghaddafi out of Libya. He also needs DOS approval to open a chain of Pollo Locos in Libya. My son, Max, tells me Israel is a racist, genocidal, apartheid state.

Please pass this on to at least ten people you know. If you break the chain, a load of bricks will fall on your head.


Hillary at Dartmouth: College Republicans Kept at Bay

"We need to get dark money out of politics"

Hat tip The College Fix

According to the below report, Hillary Clinton's appearance at Dartmouth College was full of oddities. College Democrats apparently stayed away while College Republican were kept at a distance from the stage by Clinton staffers. Clinton's most memorable line was telling the audience of the need to keep "dark money" out of politics.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Why Are Christian Churches Bashing Israel?

That's the question Italian journalist Giulio Meotti is asking.

With all due respect to my Catholic friends (and my wife), somebody needs to sit the Pope down and explain the facts of life to him. No, I am not talking about the birds and bees. I am talking about what is happening to Christians in the Middle East. Meanwhile, he is prattling on about climate change and a Palestinian state.

As for these Protestant churches like the Presbyterian Church USA and the Methodist Church of the UK, they are beyond shame.  They seem to think they will all be safe if the proverbial alligator gobbles up Israel first.

Of course, there are the leftist Jews who align themselves with the Palestinians against Israel. They are also hoping they will live in peace with the alligator once Israel is gone. They are so wrong.