Thursday, October 23, 2014

Guess What Happened in New York Today

Hat tip Jihad Watch


If you guessed another Ebola case, you'd be correct, but have the wrong story. No, what happened was we had possibly another Jihad attack this time on a group of police officers by an axe wielding man who was shot dead.

Jihad Watch has this report:

Here is more from DNA New York with a short video.

Now we don't know if this had anything to do with Islamic terrorism say NY officials under the extra liberal reign of Mayor Bill De Blasio, but.....

What's his name?

Apparently, Zale Thompson. Motive?

"Investigators were examining the suspect's social media postings. Zale Thompson had a long history filled with what sources describe as hate speech aimed at what he apparently saw as the white government power structure in America, suggesting it was time to rise up in opposition.

Some sections do appear inspired by Islamist ideas, sources said, though they do not believe he was solely inspred by ISIS."

MSNBC links this Facebook page for Zale Thompson:

Stay tuned.

Film Crews Harassed in Ferguson Again

As things heat up again in Ferguson, Missouri with the leak of the Michael Brown autopsy report (which seems to corroborate the police version of the shooting), film crews were once again harassed in trying to cover the story. Gateway Pundit, a St Louis blog, has the report along with a 5-minute film clip apparently taken by one of the agitators.

I wouldn't want to be anywhere near St Louis right now.

AP's Biased Headline on Terror Attack in Jerusalem

Hat tip Algemeiner and Frontpage Magazine

Here is a classic example of how the international media covers the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yesterday, a Palestinian drove his vehicle deliberately into a crowd of pedestrians in Jerusalem injuring 8 and killing a 3-month-old baby. Guess what the original headline read.

"Israeli police shoot man in East Jerusalem".

Algemeiner has the story.

And you wonder why so much world opinion is against Israel.

At least AP did not call the killer a "heroic martyr". That was left to one of Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas' advisors.

And get a load of the spin that Seattle-based Israel hater Richard Silverstein puts on it ("chickens coming home to roost") on his dopey blog.

Of course, Silverstein condemns terrorism, but.....

Fast and Furious: Judicial Watch Receives Vaughn Index of Withheld Documents

Hat tip to Squid and a big hat tip to Judicial Watch

After two years of legal struggle, the Justice Department, under a judge's order, has turned over a list of documents withheld from Congress in its investigation of the Operation Fast and Furious scandal to Judicial Watch. This is called a Vaughn index, which lists each document withheld and the reason(s) why they are withheld. There are over 15,000 such documents, which President Obama put under his personal protection by asserting executive privilege. Stunningly, it has been revealed that e-mails between Eric Holder and his wife (who is not a government employee) and even his mother have been protected.

Judicial Watch also suggests that the release of these documents may be tied to Holder's announced resignation.

"Fed up with the interminable delay caused Holder’s gamesmanship and stonewalling, JW renewed its request to the Court to allow our transparency lawsuit to continue.  Thankfully, this past July, Judge John D. Bates ended the 16-month delay and ordered the Obama administration to produce a Vaughn index of the alleged “executive privilege” records by October 1. Judge Bates noted that no court has ever “expressly recognized” President Obama’s unprecedented executive privilege claims in the Fast and Furious matter.

Unhappy with having to produce the records prior to the elections, Justice lawyers asked the judge to give them one extra month, until November 3 (the day before Election Day!) to produce the info.  Judge Bates rejected this gambit, suggested that the Holder’s agency did not take court order seriously.  Rather than a month, Judge Bates gave Justice until yesterday to cough up the Vaughn index. Judge Bates issued his smack down on September 23.

Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation two days later."

There can be little doubt that if these documents ever see the light of day,  they would reveal:

1 Fast and Furious was cooked up in DOJ Hqs with the involvement of the White House.

2 Eric Holder and his top lieutenants were intimately involved in overseeing the operation.

3 Holder perjured himself before Congress.

4 The Obama White House and top levels of DOJ including Holder have been involved in a massive cover-up.

Now if we only had a Justice Department to investigate it all.

Thoughts on the Week of Terror in Canada

As the dust settles in Ottawa after yesterday's terror attack, it appears that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was the lone gunman. Whether he had links to the previous jihadist killed in Canada two days earlier is still being investigated. A couple of things are becoming clear. First, lone wolf jihadists in the West are hearing the call of ISIS to strike however they can in Western countries. The threat of more attacks is real, indeed certain. Pinhead professors like Juan Cole of the University of Michigan can pooh-pooh it and dismiss warnings as racist and Islamophobic all they want. They will eventually be laughed out of  the public discourse by real events.

As for Islamophobia, I would guess that after this week's events, a few million more Canadians have become Islamophobes. They may be fodder for UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian's Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center, but the numbers can only grow rather than diminish.

For everyday brings news of another atrocity, whether it be an attack in the West, a car bomb in Iraq, a beheading in Syria, a stoning in Afghanistan, a kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria, a death sentence for blasphemy in Pakistan, or for apostasy in Sudan; it is a daily occurrence.

Once again I repeat my usual disclaimer: I don't condemn all Muslims and neither should you. God forbid that we in the West begin retaliating against innocent Muslim citizens living in the West. Yet it is becoming very tiring to hear apologists like CAIR and MPAC "condemn" the acts of ISIS and al Qaeda while refusing to condemn the acts of Hamas directed towards Israelis. (Yesterday, a Palestinian in Jerusalem aimed his car at a crowd and killed a three-month-old baby, an act that was applauded, if not ordered, by Hamas.) The story line of the CAIR types is that they "condemn all acts of terror against innocent civilians" (a phrase wide enough to drive a truck through according to their definitions.). Yet CAIR's biggest concern is lashing back against any outcry against terror as being Islamophobic. They and others tell us that these acts have nothing to do with Islam-even though they are being carried out in the name of Islam. They tell us how the Qu'ran forbids the taking of human life-side skipping the caveats and the fact that all the peaceful verses they recite are Abrogated by later contradictory verses that urge the Muslim to kill the unbelievers. (I capitalize abrogate because that is an Islamic scholarly principle of interpreting the Qu'ran.) The final major chapter in the Qu'ran is sura 9 which is also its most hateful and violent. It virtually abrogates any verses recorded earlier in time which are contradictory. (The final sura-110- consists of only a couple of sentences.) Yet we are to believe that Islam is a religion of peace.

The apologists and propagandists also tell us that the Prophet Mohammad was a kind and generous man who forgave his enemies. In truth, Mohammad was a warrior and military leader who spread Islam at the point of a sword and oversaw the executions-by beheadings- of captured prisoners and the sale of their wives and daughters into slavery. This is historical fact not slander. What ISIS is doing today is what Mohammad's armies did 1400 years ago. Muslims themselves know it because it is heralded in Islamic texts themselves. Also well chronicled in the Qu'ran and the hadith (the life and traditions of Mohammad) are constant hateful references to Jews and Christians. Those hateful references continue to this day in thousands of mosques around the world even in the West.

So as we watch the never-ending series of attacks against non-Muslims, the persecution of Christians across the Islamic world and even wars between Sunni and Shia, the apologists ask us to believe that Islam is a religion of peace and that what we are witnessing is not Islam. As much as we may want to believe this, it strains credulity. The "peace" is only meant to be among Muslims themselves-and among the same branches of Islam no less.

If what the CAIR types tell us is true, where are the million man marches-at least in the West if not within the Islamic world itself? As we speak, yesterday was proclaimed by CAIR to be a Day of Action. Action against what-the "hijacking" of Islam by ISIS, al Qaeda, Boko Haram and all the other terror organizations running around the globe? Was it a call for Muslims to engage in some self examination? No, it was a protest against police brutality and incarceration of brown and black people-a cynical attempt to rally other minorities to their own cause.  It will be a cold day in Hell before millions of Muslims take to the streets and demand a cleansing of this evil or a Reformation within Islam that would rid it of its violent and intolerant aspects. In truth, they cannot without rejecting Mohammad and the Qu'ran itself. By their definition, that is apostasy, a "crime" by the way, punishable by death under Sharia law.  No, that is not going to happen.

In addition, CAIR has a long track record of former officials who have been uncovered in terrorist plots or providing other terrorist support. The rest of these activists and so-called Muslim leaders are what we call "stealth jihadists" forsaking violence to work within the system to bring about the same goal as ISIS-a worldwide Islamic caliphate.

As for the rest of us, all we can do is await the next attack on our home soil. The day is going to come when the "Islamophobia" overflows our societies. Hopefully, that will not result in hate and retaliation against innocent people who do live peaceful lives and have no wish to harm us or change our way of life. It should, however, force our heretofore feckless leaders to call a halt to Islamic immigration and to take decisive action against the jihadists-stealth or otherwise- who are walking among us and preparing for that envisioned day when Islam will reign supreme. We cannot afford the luxury of having to rely on our diplomatic, immigration, intelligence and police forces of having to weed out the bad from the good.

As for that Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center at UC Berkeley, I suggest Mr Bazian request additional funding to expand his facility. He's going to need a lot of file space.

Another Take on the AMCHA Initiative Report

Hat tip Campus Watch and Times of Israel

Richard Cravatts, a professor and president of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, has written his own piece on the recent study of anti-Israel academic bias in our universities and the excuses for it proffered by a group of Jewish anti-Israel professors.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Did John Kerry Really Blame the Jews for the Rise of ISIS?

This article was originally posted in Eagle Rising.

Hat tip Gatestone Institute.

Last week, John Kerry spoke at a State Department Eid (Islamic holiday) celebration. During his speech, he linked the rise of ISIS to the failure of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, a statement I characterized at the time as "dopey". Others were even harsher saying that Kerry had "blamed the Jews for the rise of ISIS". At first glance, I thought that was a bit over-inflated. But here is the statement that got everybody upset, both here in the US and in Israel:

"There wasn't a leader I met with in the region who didn't raise with me spontaneously the need to try to get peace between Israel and the Palestinians, because it was a cause of recruitment and of street anger and agitation," Kerry said. "People need to understand the connection of that. And it has something to do with the humiliation and denial and absence of dignity."

To be fair, I would like to see the entire videotape. Perhaps he meant to refer to ISIS and the Israel-Palestinian issue separately, but I do note that the word, "recruitment" is there in direct connection with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Of course, Deputy State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf was quick to deny the connection. Perhaps, but Kerry's words about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict being a cause for recruitment also contain a reference to "humiliation, denial and absence of dignity". Who is he referring to there?

One thing that stands out to me is that Kerry has little sympathy for the Israeli point of view, which reflects the views of his boss, the President. Never mind the obvious point ably brought out by the writers linked above (Gatestone Institute) that ISIS has no desire for a two-state peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians. That idea is so absurd as to be laughable. ISIS wants the destruction of Israel, and if they consolidate their Islamic State as it is, they will eventually turn their sites on the hated Jewish state. Similarly, the myriad of ills inflicting Arab nations have nothing to do with Israel. They are a result of their own dysfunction, corruption, despotism, and age-old hatreds. Churches are not being burned in Egypt because of Israel. Christians in Syria and Iraq are not being hunted down and beheaded because of Israel. 

Two things stand out here: First of all, John Kerry is a naive fool when it comes to the Middle East. Secondly, his sympathies lie with the Palestinians because he and the administration he represents are cravenly determined to pander to the Arabs either out of the need for Arab oil, a hostility toward Israel, the recognition that Arabs are quick to pick up the sword for any reason, or a combination of all three.   

Think the Republicans Are Going to Take the Senate?

Think again.

Hat tip Hot Air

There are a lot of tight Senate races out there that the Republicans think they will win and take over the US Senate. Of course, that won't happen if the Democrats can steal a few here and there-like in Colorado, where undercover investigator James O'Keefe once again caught Democrat campaign workers ready to cheat to win the election for Mark Udall. Watch the video here at Hot Air.

I wonder how black and Hispanic voters in "ghetto" North Aurora feel after hearing this Democrat operative describe their community.

Shooter In Ottawa ID as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (32)

Hat tip Blazing Cat Fur

Reports are now coming out that the one confirmed shooter who was killed in Ottawa is Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (32) a Canadian-born convert to Islam according to Reuters.

At this point, I would consider this as an initial report. There is still much to learn about this man.


Blazing Cat Fur, a Canadian blog, is posting several updates on this man including an alleged picture of him posted by an ISIS Twitter account.

Michael Zehaf Bibeau Pictures

"A photo that is that of the shooter in Ottawa"

According to this report from Reuters in Hot Air, Zehaf-Bibeau was known as a threat.

More Blatant Anti-Semitism Exposed in UNRWA Schools

Hat tip Algemeiner

During the recent fighting in Gaza, the world learned a thing or two about those UN schools established for Palestinians. In short, many were being used to store rockets. Now Elder of Ziyon has again exposed anti-Semitic literature in the websites of UN Relief and Works Agency schools for Palestinians.

Is October 22 Really a Day of Action?

Hat tip Algemeiner

We already know about what happened today in Ottawa (though it has not yet been determined to be an act of Islamic terror). Today in Jerusalem, an Arab man drove into a crowd killing an infant.

"A Hamas spokesman praised the attack, calling it a “natural reaction to the crimes of the occupation,” but stopped short of taking responsibility. However, Linde, in a tweet, said Hamas, did, in fact, take responsibility for the attack."

How can one praise an attack like this that kills an infant?

Surely, this is just a coincidence that CAIR has called for today to be a Day of Action.

(Save your cards and letters. I am not accusing CAIR of anything.)

Ferguson Protester Blames CNN, AIPAC and Zionists

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Today is CAIR's self-proclaimed Day of Action in connection with the Ferguson shooting case. On Monday, it appears they got off to an early start as evidenced by this video in which the protesters grievances are blamed on CNN, AIPAC, Zionists and Israel.