Friday, February 12, 2016

Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton

Hat tip PJ Media and Squid

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Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has an article on Huma Abedin, the mysterious lady behind Hillary Clinton.

Given Abedin's background, which has been featured on this site for years, she should never have been cleared for her position in the State Department. She has no business anywhere near Hillary Clinton or any other secretary of state, president, or presidential candidate.

It's Official: Pakistan Bans Valentine's Day

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Well, what would you expect?

PJ Media Picks Up on UCI-Odinga Story

Hat tip PJ Media and LH

This week  I posted a report on the speaking appearance of Sekou Odinga aka Nathaniel Burns at UC Irvine. PJ Media has picked up on the story. They have more details on this character.

As also reported, I sent an email to the School of Humanities (Dean's office) yesterday voicing my displeasure at the false and misleading bio they posted on their website. As yet I have not received a response.

Stay tuned.

Was That a Debate Last Night?

Hat tip Breitbart and Squid

Last night as I watched the CNN/PBS Democratic "debate" from Milwaukee, I kept thinking to myself that Hillary Clinton may as well ask Bernie Sanders to be her running mate. I mean, what did they disagree on except who was more loyal to Obama? And tough questions? Heaven forbid.

Clinton was almost embarrassing in her slavish praise of Obama. Hardly surprising. She is now pandering for the black votes in South Carolina and beyond. And don't forget, she is praying that either Obama or Loretta Lynch put the lid on that FBI investigation and keep her from getting indicted.

But last night was a perfect example of the marriage between the media and the Democrats.

Note to Bernie: If you are not willing to go for the kill and hit her where it hurts, you might as well drop out and be her running mate.

Columbus Attack: Jihad?

Machete attack in a restaurant named Nazareth?  Owner a Christian from Israel? FBI investigating? Was this an act of Jihad?

Jihad Watch has more. Much more.

Attacker identified as Mohamed Barry from Somalia? Israeli flag in the restaurant?

Was this an act of jihad? So far it looks like a duck to me. Stay tuned.

Update: This afternoon I heard on the car radio  that police in Columbus are "looking for a motive".

I can help.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Iowa and New Hampshire: What Did it Mean for Hillary-Bernie?

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

I am no expert on how political races, specifically how campaigns run, but I am left with the feeling that the answer to the above question is zero.

If my recollection serves me correctly, Hillary Clinton won Iowa by two tenths of a percentage point, 48.8% to Sanders' 48.6%. Then she gets shellacked in New Hampshire 60% to 39%. In the latter, Bernie won the youth vote by about 80%-20% and the woman vote 55%-45%.

Now we all know that she has a huge advantage in future primaries because-as her campaign points out- places like South Carolina have more minority voters (not like those lilly white states that failed to turn out for her).

Yet, it would be nice to think just for a fleeting moment that Sanders now has more delegates than Clinton, right? Wrong. The present count is something like Clinton 395 to Sanders 42. She even took more delegates out of New Hampshire than Sanders believe it or not.

That's because of what they call super delegates. Those are designated elected officials at the state and federal level and party leaders, most of whom who are committed to Clinton. (Super delegates can change their votes.) Here is how NBC News has it figured out.

So forgive me if I conclude that with the Dems, the game is rigged.

But Sanders plugs on. While Hillary is getting Wall Street bucks in New York, Sanders went up to Harlem to court none other than the great man himself, Al Sharpton. That's because Bernie needs black votes.

In Sanders' defense, he has a long history of support for African-Americans, and in his youth, protested for civil rights-even getting himself arrested at a civil rights protest during his college  days at the University of Chicago. One would think that his bona fides are more impressive than those of Hillary.

But wait!


What chance does Sanders have with black voters against that?

So I am convinced that only the FBI can save us from the prospect of Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic nomination.

Clinton Email Saga Deepens

Hat tip Squid

It gets worser and worser (quoting Dizzy Dean, I think), not only for Hillary Clinton but for those close aides like Huma Abedin, Jake Sullivan, and now Patrick Kennedy.

And now a federal judge has ordered the State Department to release the rest of the Clinton emails in their possession by Saturday. Of course, that leaves the 34,000 emails that Hillary and her gang deleted and which the FBI is attempting to retrieve. By the way, the FBI has confirmed this week that Hillary Clinton is, indeed, the target of their investigation, something that the Clinton machine has denied.

And today we learn that the State Department IG subpoenaed documents from the Clinton Foundation in 2015.

How did that old Christmas song go?

"She's beginning to look a lot like Nixon
More and more each day"

My Letter to the School of Humanities at UC Irvine Re: Sekou Odinga

This week I posted an article on the speaking appearance at UC Irvine by Sekou Odinga aka 
Nathaniel Burns.

Below is how the School of Humanities represented Odinga in their event announcement.

Below is the text of an email I have sent the School of Humanities this morning.

Speaker, Sekou Abdullah Odinga 
Department: African American Studies 
Date and Time: February 10, 2016 - 4:00 PM 
Event Location: HIB135 
Event Details 
"Sekou Abdullah Odinga grew up in Jamaica, Queens-New York in a family of nine. 
He is a husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.  He was inspired by 
the revolutionary principles of Malcolm X when he joined the Organization of 
Afro-American Unity, followed later by the Black Panther Party and the Black 
Liberation Army. He is a Muslim, a citizen of the Republic of New Afrika and for 
thirty-three years was a U.S. held political prisoner of war. In 2009, Sekou 
reached his mandatory release date for his federal conviction in connection to 
the Liberation of Assata Shakur - living in exile in Cuba - and was "paroled" to 
the New York State prison system. After five years, he won a parole hearing and 
was released on parole on November 25th, 2014 from the New York State sentence." 
Let's set the record straight. Odinga was connected  to the 1981 Brinks truck 
robbery in Nyack NY that left two police officers and a Brinks guard dead. Two 
days later, he was arrested during a shootout with police who were looking for 
the killers. He was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 33 years in 
prison. He was not a political prisoner of war. 
Odinga is free to exercise his First Amendment right of free speech wherever he 
likes, but let us not misrepresent who he is." 
Gary Fouse 
Adjunct teacher 
UCI Ext 

Gabriel Piterberg Back Teaching at UCLA

Hat tip Campus Watch and Daily Bruin

"School is in."

UCLA Professor and anti-Israel activist Gabriele Piterberg will be back in the classroom as a result he has made with school officials. Piterberg is the subject of sexual harassment complaints by two co-eds.

I don't know the truth behind these allegations, but it seems to me that while the University of California is grappling with the issue of sexual abuse on campus, a student would not be treated in the same manner as a teacher. I have added my comment to the Daily Bruin reader thread. would suggest that anytime, Piterberg's Center for Near East Studies, which is nothing but a storefront operation for anti-Israel activism, holds an event, they be reminded of their most "illustrious" member, Gabriel Piterberg.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Copenhagen Killings a Year Later: New Revelation

Hat tip The Local, Jihad Watch and Jihad i Malmo

Last year, Omar El Hussein killed two people in an attack against a free speech conference in Copenhagen and a local synagogue before he was shot and killed by police.

Now, a year after the incident, it is finally revealed that El Hussein had a Koran on his person when he was shot and killed, a Koran earmarked with sura (chapter) 21.

Below is a report from the Swedish blog, Jihad i Malmo. It explains that sura 21 deals with punishment for the unbelievers. (Danish-Swedish)

The Fall of Lee Baca

Hat tip Sherman Oaks Patch

Lee Baca pleads guilty
Lee Baca (2nd from left) Note LASO badge on lapel

I have had the occasion to see Lee Baca when he was sheriff of LA County. On both occasions, they were Muslim events. Baca aside from the actions he was indicted for, was an apologist for some very questionable Islamic leaders and mosques in Southern California. On one occasion in 2012, he was part of a panel at a town hall at the Islamic Center of Orange County, in which we in the audience were told that sharia law was perfectly compatible with the US Constitution. On the other occasion, in December 2012, he attended an Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) dinner as part of their annual convention. MPAC is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. Baca would tell anyone who would listen that there was no radicalism going on in any Southern California mosques.

Now Baca stands shamed before his law enforcement colleagues. He was involved in the corruption in the LA County Jail (which is run by LASO). Specifically, he lied to FBI agents that he had no knowledge of his deputies going to the home of a female FBI agent who was investigating the goings-on at the jail to intimidate her. The facts revealed that he ordered the deputies to "bring her back in handcuffs" if necessary.

And yet, this man had the gall to show up for his plea in federal court with a miniature sheriff's badge on his lapel.

Though the plea deal recommends no more than 6 months in jail for Baca, the judge can use his or her own judgment (within the sentencing guidelines). If the sentence exceeds the 6 months, Baca has the option of taking back his plea  and going to trial.

In my view, 6 months is very light for betraying the public's trust.

Breaking: Ex-LASO Sheriff Lee Baca Indicted

It is just being announced by the US Attorney's Office and FBI in Los Angeles that ex-LA Sheriff Lee Baca has been charged for lying to FBI agents during their investigation of corruption in the LA County Jail. He is expected to plead guilty in court this afternoon. According to a plea deal, it is expected he will receive 6 months in jail. This also involves Baca trying to prevent the FBI from interviewing a prisoner in the jail.