Friday, August 29, 2014

Secure the Border? Nah

Item: The Texas Dept. of Public Safety is reporting intelligence that ISIS wants to send operatives across the Mexican border into the US.

Item: A laptop recovered from a dead ISIS fighter talks about use of biological weapons.

Item: The British government has put their country on high alert for a terror attack. Meanwhile, Jeh Johnson, head of DHS says the US is not under an increased alert.

The newspaper Il Tempo in Italy is reporting that ISIS has the Pope in its sights.

Item: Rumors are rife that President Obama will use his executive powers to go around Congress and pass an amnesty measure real soon.

Question: Do you think that maybe-just maybe- it might be a good idea to secure our borders?


"I Thought it was a White Sox Banner"

Hat tip Vlad Tepes
     Chicago White Sox 3'x5' Flag                                            

Man in Chicago with ISIS flag leads cops on chase-makes bomb threat

Emad Karakrah (Must be from Milwaukee)

I'm sure there must be a reasonable explanation.

Hold the Presses! Hillary Speaks Out on Ferguson

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

The last word about Ferguson can't be said until Her Nibs, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has had her say. And now she has shed light on a painful issue that only she, as president of the United States can fix.

“We can do better. We cannot ignore the inequalities that exist in our justice system, inequalities that undermine our most deeply held values of fairness and equality,”
“We can do better. We can work to rebuild the bonds of trust from the ground up,” Clinton said, adopting a careful, general tone that avoided casting blame on anyone.
“This is what happens when the bonds of trust and respect that hold any community together fray,” Clinton said.

FBI Terror Threat Assessment: No Mention of Islamic Terrorism

Hat tip John Speedie for audio

I wouldn't believe it if I had not seen it. The FBI's annual threat assessment makes no mention of Islamic terrorism.

No mention.

This is akin to me turning in a  report to DEA hqs on the international drug scene and not even mentioning heroin or Mexico. I mean whoever turned this report in for approval should be fired. There is no way this report could have passed muster and approval all the way up the line of supervisors to the director himself. It just isn't possible.


Unless there was a direction to omit this from the higher ups in the Justice Department or White House.

                   "We have no strategy."

The Temple Incident (Cont)

Recently, a Jewish student at Temple University was assaulted at a display table belonging to the Students for Justice in Palestine. Here are two articles on the incident in the Temple News, the campus paper of Temple.

MPAC News Conference August 28, 2014

Below is a video of the news conference held by the Muslim Public Affairs Council yesterday to announce their Safe Spaces initiative, which was described by MPAC President Salam al Marayati (sort of). In my view, it is long on generalities and short on specifics. Also speaking were Muzammil Siddiqi, head imam of the Orange County Islamic Center, Michael Downing of LAPD, Roberta Abner of LASD, and Maryum Ali (daughter of Mohammed Ali).

It all sounds nice, but I don't see any specifics here. It sounds to me like MPAC is saying, "Let us take care of the problem, and if we can't turn people around who look like they are thinking of joining the jihad, then we'll call in law enforcement." He also said that law enforcement has to consider the community as a partner rather than a suspect-that they can't have it both ways. If they do surveillance in the community, they are treating the community as a suspect, according to Marayati. He also said that houses of worship should be sanctuaries. I disagree. Not when we have so many subversive and hateful sermons coming out of so many mosques in the US.

As for Siddiqi, someone needs to give him a training course on how to spot suspects. Two terrorists have come out of his mosque, Adam Gadahn and Sinh Vinh Ngo Nguyen. Siddiqi also failed to "eject" the blind sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, in 1992 when he came to Siddiqi's mosque and gave a sermon on violent jihad, which Siddiqi translated in real time. As for Downing, when I related that little tidbit to him in 2012 during a town hall on sharia at Siddiq's mosque, his response was, "Well Gary. Some people change over time."

I should also note that both Siddiqi and Marayati have refused to sign the Freedom Letter by Former Muslims United asking for a simple statement that apostates from Islam in the US not be harmed. At least Siddiqi condemned the treatment of religious minorities and forced conversions, which he said is condemned by Islamic scholars. I am not so sure I agree with that last statement.

Let us also pick apart Siddiei's claim that Islam stands against acts of terror directed against "innocent life" and civilians. That kind of leaves the door open a bit, does it not? What is his definition of innocent and civilians? He also warned of "provocateurs' (informants?)

And if Siddiqi is truly a moderate, why does the book store at his mosque feature works by Yusuf al Qaradawi and Maulana Abul Ala Maududi and his wife?

I also took note of Abner's reference to a recent conference at the Federal law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC-in Brunswick, Ga) which included MPAC. She also referenced the establishment by DOJ of a pilot program in LA, Boston and Minneapolis. (All three of the Americans reported killed recently while fighting for ISIS came from Minnesota, where there is a heavy Somali population. Had it not been for a misguided refugee program that brought some 80,000 Somalis to the US, we would not have that problem.)

I also got  a chuckle out of Downing's reference to all the success LAPD has had with gangs by working with the community. LA is a "sanctuary city", and illegal alien gang members benefit from that policy.

In summary, this is just more propaganda brought to us by manipulators like Marayati and Siddiqi and abetted by useful idiots like Michael Downing.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Obama on ISIS: "We Don't Have a Strategy Yet"

"What? Me have a strategy?"

Don't take my word for it. He said it himself.

ISIS: No strategy. Ukraine? No strategy. Was that the weakest press conference you have ever seen a president give or what? The world is burning, and this president, who has just come back from two weeks vacation in Martha's Vineyard, and who is now off to Rhode Island for another fundraiser, says he has no strategy to deal with anything. What an amazing admission of fecklessness. This was like Neville Chamberlain saying, "I am holding here in my hand a scrap of paper not worth the paper it's printed on."

One is tempted to say, "Well, Mr President, you'd better come up with one soon", but let's face it. Obama is going to let all this happen because he is sympathetic to the Islamists no matter how savage they are.

"We don't have a strategy yet."

California's Pending Campus Sex Bill

"You can touch my right breast but not my left breast."

The California legislature, following claims that 20% of all California college co-eds are being raped (an absurd number), is in the process of passing a bill that, if enacted, would require guys in college to get the gals' consent not only to have sex, but at every step of the encounter. Colleges that don't adopt this policy could lose state funding.

It works this way: First the guy gets the gal's consent to have sex. But for each article of clothing he removes from the gal, she must give consent, For each part of foreplay, she must give consent. For every body part the guy touches, she must give consent. And so it goes.

Of course, in a court of law, this would be thrown out in a nano-second. However, when it comes to a university's administrative disciplinary process, all this nonsense comes into play.

I told you insanity reigns supreme, not only in Sacramento, but in our universities.

Jerry Brown Tells Illegals They Are All Welcome

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto was a guest of California Governor "Run Down" Jerry Brown this week. In case you are wondering whether Jerry made a pitch for the release of that American Marine being held in Tijuana, the answer is no. He did, however pass on a message to everybody in Mexico.

Everybody is welcome-legal or not.

MPAC and LAPD Statements on Preventing Violent Extremism

This promises to be a dandy. The Muslim Public Affairs Council is teaming up with LAPD and others to announce something called the Safe Spaces Initiative. Featured speakers will be MPAC's Salam Al Marayati, LAPD's Michael Downing, and Imam Muzammil Siddiqi.

First of all, MPAC is nothing more than an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. They have attacked most every terror-related enforcement action as being discriminatory against Muslims.

LAPD's Michael Downing appeared at Muzammil Siddiqi's sharia town hall held at his Garden Grove mosque in 2012. During that event, Downing told the audience that sharia law was no threat to the US or our own Constritution. After the event, I informed him that in 1992, Siddiqi had hosted the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman at his mosque and had acted as interpreter for Abdel Rahman's sermon about (violent) jihad. Downing's response?

"Well, Gary, some people change over time."

When I met Marayati at the MPAC 2012 conference held in Pasadena at the All Saints Episcopal Church, no less, I asked him why he has refused to sign the Freedom Letter from Former Muslims United asking for a simple statement that American apostates from Islam should not be harmed. In explaining his reasons, he told me that Islam has no death penalty for apostates-a complete lie.

As for Siddiqi, he will undoubtedly tell the audience as he always does that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance  even though his own mosque has spawned two terrorists, one convicted and the other a fugitive (Adam Gadahn).

If you are attending, enjoy the BS.

Subject: MPAC to Hold Press Conference on Preventing Violent Extremism

MPAC to Hold Press Conference on Preventing Violent Extremism

(Los Angeles – 8/28/2014) – Today, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) will hold a press conference at 10 a.m. PT with law enforcement officials and national community leaders at the InterContinental Hotel Century City at Beverly Hills to address the escalation of violent extremism and MPAC’s response to the potential for threats against the U.S. homeland.

The horrific murder of American journalist James Foley is a reminder of the need for Americans to remain vigilant in communities across the country. In confronting violent extremism in the United States, MPAC's groundbreaking campaign called “Safe Spaces Initiative: Tools for Developing Healthy Communities" is serving as a critical component, in partnership with law enforcement to prevent, intervene or eject individuals who may be susceptible to violent extremism.

MPAC President Salam Al-Marayati will speak at the press conference about ISIS and MPAC’s Safe Spaces Initiative. “We must take proactive steps to address the threat of ISIS and the impact their extreme and repugnant crimes against humanity may have on our community, said Al-Marayati. “Through MPAC’s Safe Spaces Initiative, we can make sure that the voice of moderation will prevail.”

Michael P. Downing, Los Angeles Police Department Counter-Terrorism Division Commanding Officer, will also speak at the conference on the partnership between law enforcement and the American Muslim community. "Emerging threats against our country are becoming more complex and dangerous, said Downing. “In order to protect our families, our neighborhoods, and our cities, it is even more essential that the law enforcement community work in partnership with organizations like MPAC and support the Safe Spaces Initiative, helping to identify those who may be prone to engage in violent extremist behavior.  Local communities are the first and most important ‘preventer’ in keeping our homeland safe and resilient.”

Roberta Abner, Los Angeles County Sheriff Counter-Terrorism Chief, will also issue a statement at the press conference. “Our success in keeping our communities safe is dependent on both remaining steadfast in our counter-terrorism efforts, while working in concert with our many community partners and law enforcement agencies in order to interrupt and prevent acts of terrorism,” said Abner.

Also joining the press conference will be Steve Bing, CEO of Shangri-La Entertainment and Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, Director of the Islamic Society of Orange County and member of the Supreme Council of Mosques in Mecca.

Finally, in response to the escalation of violent extremism in the Middle East, boxing legend Muhammad Ali will issue a statement through his oldest daughter Maryum Ali. She has spent the past 15 years working in social services with a concentration in gang and violence prevention.

MPAC will provide a live stream of the press conference along with a global interactive discussion and social media campaign on Twitter using the hashtag "#UnitedAgainstExtremism." Duke University Muslim Chaplain Abdullah Antepli, counterterrorism analyst Mubin Shaikh, New American Foundation Fellow Rabia Chaudry, and Ph.D. student at the University of California, Irvine Garrison Doreck will answer questions online following the conclusion of the press conference.

Founded in 1988, the Muslim Public Affairs Council is an American institution which informs and shapes public opinion and policy by serving as a trusted resource to decision makers in government, media and policy institutions. MPAC is also committed to developing leaders with the purpose of enhancing the political and civic participation of Muslim Americans.

[CONTACT: Riham Osman, Communications Coordinator, 202-547-7701,]


John McCain's Curious Remark About Islam on the Hannity Show

Forgiveness for adultery in Iran

Last night, Senator John McCain appeared on Fox's Sean Hannity show. He came on immediately after Heannity's back and forth with the despicable British Muslim leader Anjem Choudary. In discussing the Hannity-Choudary "discussion", McCain led off by saying that, "Islam is a religion of forgiveness" before referring to Choudary's "claptrap".

While I agree with the reference to Choudary's claptrap, I wonder if McCain is up on his current events. More specifically, I wonder if McCain is familiar with the part of sharia law called "hudud sharia", which covers the penalties for "crimes against God." Contained in that portion of sharia are "crimes" such as adultery, homosexual acts, apostasy, and blasphemy.
Woman and girls killed by mob for 'blasphemous' Facebook post
Forgiveness for blasphemy in Pakistan (3 women "forgiven" here)

The penalty? Death. Don't take my word. Go to the leading Islamic schools of thought around the Islamic world.

Forgiveness for gays in Iran

This Christian woman in Sudan  was "forgiven" for "apostasy" only after an international outcry and US diplomatic pressure.

Senator McCain, stop insulting our intelligence.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hatem Bazian "Declares" International Day of Action Against Israel

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers and Truth Revolt

"Attention Mr and Mrs America and all ships at sea....."

Yes, Folks, UC  Berkeley professor of BS, Hatem Bazian, has declared September 23 to be an international day...

I can't even finish this sentence without laughing.

Hatem Bazian with friends

This is the same clown who founded Students for Justice in Palestine, a thuggish bunch of punks who have caused all kinds of problems on numerous college campuses with their anti-Jewish antics.

Which makes things even more ironic since Bazian has also founded the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center at UC Berkeley. Hopefully, this so-called human rights activist didn't put the center in one of those buildings with Jewish names that he reportedly referred to some years ago during a campus speech.

This boob from the West Bank should have been ridden out of town on a rail years ago.