Monday, October 5, 2015

Another Murderous Attack Against Innocent Israelis

Over the weekend there was another murderous attack against innocent Israeli citizens. A Palestine, wielding a knife stabbed and killed two people, wounded two others including a 2-year-old child. Typically, international media outlets like the BBC tried to soften the incident. Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers has the report.

The Times of Israel has additional details.

Worse yet, but predictable, the Palestinian side reacts with glee including Fatah, that West Bank entity that Israel is supposed to negotiate with.

"The Fatah movement, which is led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, tweeted an image of the message on Saturday, after the attack.
Hamas applauded what it called the “heroic operation” in a statement, saying: “We support and welcome any resistance activity that harms Israeli soldiers and settlers. Our people in the West Bank are ready to die, to sacrifice themselves to defend the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”
And our government is pressuring Israel to make a peace deal with Abbas and Fatah. Unbelievable.

The New, Improved, Blue Hillary

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A few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton's campaign stupidly let out that they were going to try and present a different Hillary, one that was warm and funny (instead of the real, cold, phony and bitchy Hillary). Sure enough. Appearances followed on Ellen DeGeneris and now Saturday Night Live-not to mention another softball interview with her friend Savannah Guthrie. But is it enough?

We have reached a new low in American culture when, with our very future on the line, a presidential election could swing on a candidate trying to transform her image with a comedy skit on SNL. How does that skit change the past 20 or so years of what we have seen from Hillary Clinton? How does it take our attention away from the Benghazi fiasco-before, during and after the actual event, which cost 4 American lives that were lost needlessly? How does it take our attention away from the fact that for 4 years this woman used her own private email server to conduct the diplomatic business of the nation?

Do the people out there in TV land really sit there and watch Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live or doing the boog-a-loo with Ellen DeGeneris and come to the conclusion that she is a genuine, down to earth person that they can vote for?

If so, I can only shake my head and walk away.

Roseburg, Oregon: A Lesson For Christians?

Onan Coca is the editor of the blog, Eagle Rising, to which I also contribute postings. In the wake of the Roseburg shooting incident, he has written a thoughtful article on what we as Christians should take from this tragedy. I am cross-posting it below.

Another Terror Attack in Australia

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

The cost of bringing these Middle Eastern Islamic refugees to the West was accentuated yesterday when a 15-year-old Iraqi Kurd from Iran walked up to a police station in Parramatta, Australia and shot dead a civilian police employee as he was leaving work. As he then walked down the sidewalk shouting,  "Allahu Akhbar", he was shot dead by police. Creeping Sharia has the report.

"Police are trying to find out who radicalised the teenager."

Here's a tip: 

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"But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever you find them..."

Sura 9 verse 5

I guess September was a forbidden month.

Raymond Ibrahim Speaks Common Sense on Those "Refugees"

Hat tip Front Page Magazine

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"What the world needs now, is walls, big walls......."
(Apologies to Jackie DeShannon)

With all the fog (and foggy-headed thinking) going on in the West with all those "Syrian refugees", of which a disproportionate share are young men in their 20s and 30s, Raymond Ibrahim speaks some common sense about how the West (including the US under Barack Obama) is hell-bent on committing suicide.

 Ronald Reagan once said in Berlin, "Mr, Gorbachev, tear down that wall".  Were he alive today, I think he would tell Barack Obama and the foolish leaders of the EU to build the wall. He would have enough common sense to know that this is leading to a catastrophe of Biblical proportions.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Integration Takes a Step Back at UC Berkeley

Hat tip The College Fix

UC Berkeley has come up with an innovative idea as a result of demands by black students. It's called the African American Initiative, and one of its provisions is to ensure that black students have access to black psychologists.

Why, what better way to bring UC Berkeley into the 21st century? One can only imagine what is next.

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The Secret Service Sh** (Hillary) Detail

I know one group of people who aren't voting for Hillary Clinton. That would be her Secret Service protection details. Seems Hillary hasn't changed since that first day she walked into the White House when Bill was inaugurated and threw a fit at an agent who refused to carry her bags upstairs.

So all you Secret Service agents out there, you'd  better not screw up or you know what punishment awaits you.

New York City Council Honors Ethel Rosenberg

Hat tip Eagle Rising and National Review

I remember back in 1994 when I was in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, birthplace of Josef Stalin. We were conducting a drug training seminar for the Georgian police. The Georgian cops had taken us to the town of Gori, where Stalin was born. At his birthplace/museum we toured the tiny house where he was born, his private railroad car, and the museum built in his honor. Stalin is still considered the local boy who made good in Georgia. There is still a statue of him in the town square.

At lunch, the chief of police raised a toast to Stalin. I figured at the time that at least I would never have to experience something similar in the good old USA. That is until I read this:

This is what we have in Comrade de Blasio's New York City. Of course, these four council members are all Democrats.

How far we have fallen.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

7th Grade Islamic Indoctrination of Children Is Spreading

Hat tip Truth Revolt and Karen

Image result for hitler youth trainingImage result for children in classroom singing
"Heil Hitler!"                                                   "There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his                                                                                                                                        messenger."

From California to Arizona to Tennessee and who knows where else, 7th grade kids are getting a full dose of Islamic indoctrination. In Tennessee, parents are fighting back.

It seems that time and time again, the specific textbook in question is  History Alive, The Medieval World and Beyond, which is showing up in 7th grade classrooms all over the nation.

It is up to you, the parents of these kids, to raise your voices and let these schools and school boards know that you object to your kids being indoctrinated with this nonsense, which has seemingly reached the point where the schools would be happy to see every kid convert to Islam.

Get Your Hillary Clinton Bobblehead Doll

Hey kids! If you want to add to your bobble head doll collection, why have Dad spend all that money to take you to a ball game just so you can get an Albert Pujols or Alex Rodriguez bobble head doll? In another year or two they will be old news. Why not get one that will be a collector's item for decades to come? Offering the new Hillary Clinton bobble head doll.

Unlike your average sports star bobble head doll, the Hillary Clinton model has features  not found in any other doll. This one actually changes expressions, talks, and responds to your own voice! Here's how it works.

Press a button in the back of her head and watch her eyes bulge wide open like she does when she meets some political hack in Bullsnuts, Iowa but pretends he/she is an old friend she hasn't seen in ages.

Image result for hillary with bulging eyes.


Ask a hardball question about her emails or some other scandal from the last 25 years, and watch her eyes close and head turn down to the right as she tries to come up with another lie.

Ask a really dumb question, and listen to her cackle out loud.

Hours of fun! And if you start to get tired of playing with your Hillary Clinton bobble head doll, she will remind you to keep on keepin' on.


So what are you waiting for? Why not send in your order right now for your very own Hillary Clinton bobble head doll?

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If you order within the next ten minutes, we will include a Bill Clinton bubble head doll absolutely free.

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Call now. Or better yet, order via email with your credit card information. It's totally safe.

UC Regents Meeting September 17: Comments of Tammi Rossman-Benjamin

I have previously posted reports about the UC regents meeting at UC Irvine on September 17 in which I and others spoke about the problem of anti-Semitism on campus during the public comment forum. Below is the tape of Tammi Rossman-Benjamin's comments. Tammi is a professor of Hebrew at UC Santa Cruz and co-founder of the AMCHA Initiative. Her comments last two minutes.

We are still awaiting a revised university statement of principles on intolerance. This process will likely take a few months.

Friday, October 2, 2015


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Chris Harper Mercer

Yesterday, I put up a live stream of the local Roseburg media reporting on the massacre at Umpqua Community college by then-unidentified Chris Harper Mercer. One of the first things I heard was an eye-witness account of how Mercer asked his victims if they were Christian before executing them. Obviously, I suspected that this was an act of jihad by a lone wolf Muslim acting on ISIS's call to carry out acts of terror in the US.

I then decided to follow the news reports but refrain from any further writing until some of the facts came out. No sense jumping to conclusions which later might turn out to be wrong, I figured.

There is still a lot to be sorted out about the motivations of Mercer, clearly a troubled young man who had to be put in special education or special needs classes because of his emotional issues.

At this point, it appears he ascribed to no religion and had issues with organized religion. One thing that has led to a lot of speculation was his My Space page, which showed him holding a rifle along with some references to the Irish republican Army. Of the two individuals also pictured on his site, one was a young man with a Muslim name ( I will not put that up) who had expressed  some pro-Jihad sentiments online.  Aside from that we have no indication that Mercer was himself a Muslim. I certainly hope not. But did he sympathize with the on-going jihad and persecution against Christians at the hands of ISIS? We will have to await further investigation. Even if it turns out that he was a convert and this was an act of Jihad, we must-as always- be careful not to blame innocent Muslims here or retaliate against them.

As for President Obama's brief talk before the nation about the incident, if you are a supporter of strong gun laws, you must have loved his emotional and angry tirade. By his own admission, he turned the talk into a political statement about the need to pass stricter gun laws. he even counseled us to vote for candidates (Democrats) who would support his agenda. He made statements that were patently false. he said that states that had strong gun laws had fewer cases of gun violence. Really? This is a man who comes from Chicago. Illinois has strong gun laws, so why all the carnage in Chicago? There were ten dead in Roseburg, Oregon yesterday, but more than that were killed the previous weekend in Chicago alone. Take other cities like, Detroit, Washington DC. They also have strong gun laws. California has strong gun laws, but look at the shootings in Los Angeles.

Keep in mind that this is the same president who has presided over Operation Fast and Furious, whereby ATF actually watched as some 2,000 guns were being bought by suspected straw purchasers and smuggled into Mexico with no enforcement aim other than to document the serial numbers when they showed up at Mexican shooting scenes and thereby prove that most of the guns used by the cartels in Mexico originate in the US. That has been accompanied by a massive cover-up with then Attorney General Eric Holder perjuring himself (in my view) before Congress on more than one occasion. Not to raise the Muslim issue again, but this is the same president who is about to unload some 100,000 "Syrian refugees" on US cities and towns regardless of the stated inability to adequately screen them for terrorist ties plus the documented statement by ISIS that they will infiltrate their men into the West in order to carry out attacks. Do you really think this president is trying to keep our streets safe? Mark my words, there will be one or more terrorist attacks (or some thwarted by the FBI) at the hands of some of these "refugees".

As for the guns, this is a complicated issue, and I respect the basic argument of the gun control crowd. Yes, we have to take the guns out of the hands of certain people like Mr Mercer and the gangs. However, the problem is that we have literally millions of guns out there and many of them are in the wrong hands. The solution is not to keep guns out of the hands of the responsible law-abiding people who want to protect their homes, families and selves. Sorry, but this is the kind of society we live in. Yesterday, courageous cops responded to the scene and shot Mercer dead. But it was too late to save ten people. That's the way these things happen. Until the cops can get there, we are on our own. Yet, here was this school official defending their policy of having a no-gun zone with one unarmed security guard checking doors, I guess.

So what is my solution?

I am not really against background checks, but even if you deny a criminal the ability to buy a gun in a gun store, he is going to get it on the street anyway.

Crimes committed with guns must be met with sentencing as harshly as possible. We are not enforcing the laws we have. Also keep in mind that states like California are turning thousands of criminals back on the streets in the name of eliminating prison overcrowding. I think we need to "invest" ( Don't you just love that liberal word?) money into building more prisons. It is either that, turn the prisoners loose, or let them sleep on top of each other (which they do anyway).

In addition, there are a lot of retired military and law enforcement people out there we could hire as security guards. I admit that it has come to the point where virtually every school in the country is a potential target. Can we put enough armed guards in all of them? Of course not, but security has to be improved.

There is no easy, cure-all solution. We have a dangerous society that cannot be compared to places like Japan, Australia or Europe, notwithstanding Obama's naive statements to the contrary. We have to decide how much we want to live in safety and whether we are prepared to do what it takes and spend what it takes to achieve it.