Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mark Levin Goes off on Jon Stewart

With the ever-feckless John Kerry once again shuttling around the Middle East trying to get Israel and Hamas to agree to a cease fire, President Obama heading off to the West Coast for 5 more fund raisers, conservative commentator Mark Levin spoke with Sean Hannity last night and commented on comedian Jon Stewart's sniping at Israel.

Stewart is entitled to make his jokes at Israel's expense, but he doesn't have Hamas rockets raining down on his house. I find it incomprehensible that so many Americans get most of their news by watching this guy.

Meanwhile, with one crisis after another piling up, from the Middle East to Ukraine to the southern border, once again, Obama heads off to a series of fund raisers. What the hell does this lackadaisical president do besides fund raisers, vacations and golf? Oh yeah. He makes speeches.

And somebody please save Israel from John Kerry. The time has come for Israel to finish off Hamas once and for all. Kerry, in effect, is trying to save this terrorist organization. Israel should send him home.

New Revelations on OC's Non-Existent Great Park

Hat tip John Speedie for audio

What is Open and What is Not
Over $200 million                             For this

The Orange County Register is running a front page story today on allegations of massive overspending on the Great Park project

After all these years since the El Toro Marine base closed and all the millions of dollars spent on consulting fees, studies and the rest, all you have to do is drive around the area designated as the Great Park, see the empty spaces of land inhabited mostly by gophers to see that this has been one great boondoggle under Irvine boss, Larry Agran, who, when he isn't mayor, sits on the city council. Larry Agran is "the man to see" in Irvine.

Drive through Irvine and follow the signs pointing you to the Great Park. If you don't drive around in giant squares, and you are lucky, you will eventually find your way to a great parking lot. There you will find an orange hot air balloon, a band shell and a carousel (no ding-dong bell).

"Ah wunnerful, ah wunnerful, ah."

This is what they have to show for all the millions spent that cannot be fully accounted for.

The county audit is fine, but I think it is time for a Great Grand Jury investigation.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hamas Rockets Found at 2nd UN School in Gaza

For the second time in a week, Hamas rockets have been found in a UN school in Gaza. The Times of Israel has the report.

But here is the good news: UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon is in Cairo with John Kerry working hard to arrange a cease fire.

"We have informed the appropriate parties."

Lois Lerner's Hard Drive

Congressman Cover up


Queen Lois the 5th

The amazing Lois Lerner/IRS hard drive and e-mail saga continues.

Let me guess: That hard drive is probably sitting at the bottom of the Potomac River somewhere.

And how about that Elijah Cummings? It is understandable that he continues to stonewall the IRS investigation. He was involved in pressuring the IRS to investigate conservative groups in the first place.

Christians Leave Mosul and 1800 Year Old Church Burned

​This Saturday, July 19, 2014, photo, shows an empty house of a Christian family with Arabic writing that reads, "Long live the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Muslims are happy with the return of Mujahideen.: ​This Saturday, July 19, 2014, photo, shows an empty house of a Christian family with Arabic writing that reads, "Long live the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Muslims are happy with the return of Mujahideen.
-MSN News

In yet another shocking display of Islamic intolerance, the ISIS, after driving the last Christians out of Mosul, torched their 1800-year-old church.

"Long live the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Muslims are happy with the return of Mujahideen."

That is the inscription on the wall of the former home of a Christian family. May they enjoy it. God forbid that one more American life be lost to rescue them from their happy sharia rule.

This recalls the blowing up of the ancient Buddhas in Afghanistan. Now as riotous mobs scream for the blood of Jews in Europe and Christians are fleeing for their lives in Arab lands, let me hear it one more time:

"Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance."

More Sex Instruction in Our Universities

Hat tip Campus Reform

"I need sex instruction."

I don't know why it is that our universities are so obsessed with the sex lives of their students these days. Across the nation, colleges are delving into areas that should be private as they seem to want to encourage students to start having sex and experimenting with different kinds of sex.

Not that I am against sex, mind you. Quite the opposite, and I don't much care what kind of sex others are engaging in as long as it is between consenting adults with the door closed and doesn't harm any other person-or animal (or bird or fish for that matter).

At any rate, Minnesota State University at Mankato is the latest school to put on some kind of sexual freak show-paid for with student activity fees. Campus Reform has the report.

Naturally, the people hosting this absurd event are from the Women's Center (the Men's Center isn't listed) and the LBGTRQC folks.

If I may stray a bit, this is the same fine university system that produced Ed Schultz, the madcap host of the Ed Show on MSNBC. Unfortunately, Ed was at Minnesota State University at Moorhead, so he didn't have the benefit of this fine program. If he had, maybe he wouldn't have called conservative commentator Laura Ingraham a "right-wing slut".

But I digress.

The Berlin Protests: "Gas the Jews"

Hat tip International Business News and Atlas Shrugs

This morning I cross-posted a poster carried by a pro-Palestinian protester in Berlin that showed an image reminiscent of what was shown during the Nazi years in Der Stuemer.

Apparently, that's not all. Chants of, "Gas the Jews" have also been reported.

The German authorities must do more than simply ask these people to stop using these chants. Free speech in Germany and Europe is not as expansive as in the US, and such expressions can be prosecuted. They have no place anywhere, but least of all in Germany.

How the Saudi News is Covering the War

-Arab News
Protest in Berlin

The Saudi English news organ, Arab News has an article covering the fighting in Gaza, which unsurprisingly "tilts" to the Palestinian narrative, you might say. Note the accompanying photo which is from a pro-Palestinian protest in Berlin.

As for the photo, this is not only an image that conjures up the old anti-Semitic canard that Jews kill and devour the blood of Gentile children, but it is also reminiscent of the notorious anti-Jewish weekly from Nazi Germany, "Der Stuermer", whose editor was none other than the infamous Jew-baiter of Nuremberg, Julius Streicher.

Well, somewhere the executed Nazi must be smiling to see an image like that back in Germany.

Images like that are commonplace in the Arab world even in the mainstream media. However, in Germany, Nazi or Nazi-like images are illegal. One would hope that the justice minister in Germany would take a close look at that image and compare it to the one immediately above.

Jew Hatred on Display in SF

Hat tip Pro-Palestinian Bay Bloggers

-Photo: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

Last Sunday, pro-Israel folks in San Francisco held a peaceful rally in which they prayed for peace. Meanwhile the phonies, oddballs and misfits, who call themselves peace activists rallied in support of the terror group Hamas, which runs Gaza.

Photo-Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers
"Give them the finger, Andy!"

In case you have forgotten, Andrew Gutierrez is a professor emeritus (emeritus for what?) at UC Berkeley. His wife is one of those mad hatters who call themselves, "Women in black". They have been noted for lolly-gagging around the UCB campus on Fridays and harassing passers-by with their anti-Israel rants. Gutierrez "emeritated" himself a few years back by heckling a group of Jewish students who were peacefully protesting swastikas that were appearing on campus. Not only that, Gutierrez was caught on camera giving the students the finger. Real class act, this Gutierrez character!

"Professor Emeritus"

That's Gutierrez giving the finger, not to me, not to the IDF, but to a group of Jewish students peacefully protesting swastikas appearing on the UCB campus.

And a memo to the mope in the above photo wearing a Hamas poster: Hamas is a terrorist organization as designated by the US State Department. It is responsible not only for the deaths of innocent Israeli civilians, but Americans as well. When you wear that symbol, you are spitting on your own country-if you are, indeed, an American.

The True Face of Hamas Supporters in the US

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

In 2010, I was present at UC Irvine when the so-called Irvine 11, members of the Muslim Student Union, disrupted the speech of Michael Oren, the Israeli ambassador to the US. It was an ugly scene as these young men tried to deprive an audience of about 300 mostly elderly Jews of the chance to hear the ambassador speak. They were arrested, prosecuted and convicted. Yet they bore and continue to bear their misdemeanor as some sort of act of martyrdom. In May 2012, three of these self-annointed martyrs returned to UC Irvine as part of the MSU's annual anti-Israel events and were hailed as heroes by the MSU. When I pointed out to them during the Q and A that they were speaking without any disruption and asked why they denied that same right to Oren, they unapologetically replied that the Oren was a "war criminal", and if he ever returned to UCI they would do it again.

One of those three speakers was Taher Herzallah. He is featured today in the Investigative Project on Terrorism for a series of disgusting Facebook messages he has put out on the current fighting in Gaza.

I note also that Herzallah is now some sort of coordinator for American Muslims for Palestine, a despicable group founded by none other than UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, who over the years since he came to this country from the West Bank, has been reported to have made anti-Semitic remarks in public, such as telling a university audience to count how many campus buildings had Jewish names on them.  He is also reported to have called for an intifada in the US. When he is asked about those remarks (as I have) , he dances all around it never quite answering the question. I could say that Bazian is an embarrassment to UCB, but after all, that institution is notorious for having a multitude characters like him on its faculty.

As for Herzallah, his latest remarks underline the true nature of the pro-Palestinian movement in the US. It is dedicated to Israel's destruction. They celebrate Israeli deaths.

Monday, July 21, 2014

University of Wisconsin Now Officially Engages in Affirmative Action in Grading

Hat tip College Reform

It has come to this: If you are a minority (probably excluding Asian-American) you might just as well send in your application to the University of Wisconsin at Madison and await your diploma. UWM is now basically a diploma mill for minorities. Campus Reform has the report with an article by a disgusted UWM professor.

Is this not racist thinking-that minorities are not capable of getting good grades on their own? Good luck trying to get a good job with that UWM degree.

Kristallnacht in France (For Real)

Hat tip Algemeiner

“Over the last few days in France are we seeing the beginning of a French Kristallnacht?” French Jewish artist and activist Ron Agam asked, in an interview with The Algemeiner about the violence."

Is that not what I called it a week ago?

I am fully aware of the laws of when police should shoot (at least in the US). However, at what point do French police decide that the actions of (certain) rioters pose a direct threat to the police or to others (namely Jews in their shops, synagogues or on the street)? At some point, the French police are going to have to make that split second decision on when to fire.

I will be the last to second guess them.